Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Taking Stock :: September

I've always loved reading Meet Me at Mikes' Taking Stock posts, so this month I thought I'd join in.  A little about my life right now...

Making : A new range of silver jewellery, inspired by the scales and colours on Koinobori.  I've also been making some Kanzashi again.
Cooking : A birthday cake for my mum, yesterday actually.
Drinking : Tea, lots of it, all day long.
Wanting: Some more free time.
Looking: At the mountains on my morning walks.
Playing: With my daughter, we're loving the beach in this weather and our year-long pass to the zoo.
Deciding: On designs for my bathroom renovation.
Wishing: I could clone myself.
Enjoying: The weather and my garden.
Waiting: For a night time cough to go away.
Liking: My life.
Loving: The "Tuesday Adventures" that I have with my daughter.  We're trying to make the most of the time before she starts school next year.
Considering: A bit of change in the direction of my work next year... 
Watching: Reign.  Oh how I love a historical drama, especially one with gorgeous costumes. And my guilty pleasure, The Block.
Hoping: That I can arrange another trip to Japan next year.
Marvelling: That our new nectarine tree is fruiting so well already.
Needing: A good night's sleep.
Smelling: The jasmine flowering outside my studio.
Wearing: Right now, pajamas.
Following: Lots of people on instagram.
Noticing: How much better I feel by cutting out certain foods that my body doesn't like, which sadly includes chocolate and strangely enough, cauliflower.
Sorting: Wholesale and online orders. 
Buying: Locally grown produce.  The strawberries are delicious at the moment.
Feeling: Content.
Snacking: On left over birthday cake.
Hearing: Right now, a wonderful silence which means that my little one has fallen asleep.


Meli Searle said...

Beautiful Mel x

Hot Fudge said...

Loved reading your list Mel. What caught my eye was the book you are reading, as I read The Service of Clouds several years back while Tony and I spent a couple of weeks staying at the Hydro Majestic which is referred to in the book.

Karin said...

I love your list. What a great idea. Cheers,


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